Japanese Style Iced Coffee with a Graham Condenser

Synopsis So, I’ve always enjoyed a good Japanese Style Iced Coffee, the benefits are multiple. A hot extraction means you don’t have to endure 12-24 long hours of cold brewing, but you still end up with a nice chilled end product. However, I was never a fan of brewing directly on to a body of ice in order to cool it down. Having to adjust the brew ratio to accommodate the ice that would melt in the process always seemed like an imperfect method.

Square One

As I sit here watching the 24 Heures du Mans, I wonder about the future of these words. What will I write about in the future? What muse will come along to give me ideas to regurgitate out onto these lines. But maybe most paramount; will anyone read them at all. I plan to mainly just document my journey through the coffee world, I primarily just want a place to record the different experiments that I do and their results.